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 Tawaran Jadi Pengacara Pemerintah India

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PostSubject: Tawaran Jadi Pengacara Pemerintah India   Tue Jan 26, 2016 9:11 pm


Barang kali ada suhu-suhu di mari ada yang tertarik

Quote :
The scope of work for the international law firm would include:

  1. Represent Government of India (GOI) in the legal including arbitration proceedings under ICSID or UNCITRAL Rules under the BITs;

    Assess and advise GOI or UNCITRAL Rules under the Indian BITS;

    To provide written advise to GOI on available methods and modalities and render such legal assistance as may be required to protect interest of GOI;

    To provide other legal advice and opinion in connection with the issue pertaining to international law, as may be required;

    To complete or undertake all necessary legal formalities as may be required by competent/prescribed authorities as per applicable laws related to dispute;

    To work in cooperation with any other domestic/Indian legal advisors or consels appointed by GOI with regard to the dispute;

    To regularly report to GOI, in writing, on all actions undertaken and procedures followerd;

    To ensure compliance of all applicable laws;

    To ensure timely action to avoid penalties;

    To perform any other incidental action and provide any other reasonable service in order to reprsent and protect the Republic of India's interests in the dispute;

    Any other matter assigned by GOI in relation to or connected with the above.

Ada kriteria conflict of interest juga.

Quote :
The law firm concerned has either advised represented in the past 12 months of the start of the engagement or is currently advising/representing ANY of the following:

  • any person, whether natural or juridical. Indian or foreign, other than the GOI, in a dispute under any of the Bilateral Multilateral Investment Treaties/Free Trade Agreements/ Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreements/ Comprehensive Economic Protection Agreements (BITs/FTAs/CECAs/CEPAs) entered into by the GOI;

    any person, whether natural or juridical. Indian or foreign, other than the GOI. in a subject matter or issue related to a dispute under any of the BITs/FTAs/CECA/CEPAs entered into by the GOI;

    any person, whether natural or juridical. Indian or foreign, other than the GOI. Which is currently involved in a dispute under any of the BITs/FTAs/CECAs/CEPAs entered into by the GOI. in any other matter, whether independently or on a permanent basis, irrespective of whether the matter is related to the BIT dispute or not. and irrespective of the fact whether the engagement was direct or indirect.

    Provided that a conflict of interest would exist, if the law firm concerned or any individual lawyer associated with the law firm has either advised represented at any point in time the party, which has brought the claim under the BITs/FTAs/CECAs/CEPAs or its promoters or group companies for a matter or policy issue directly under dispute or subject matter of the dispute.

Yg ane tangkep dari kriteria di atas sih intinya belum pernah represent counterpart GOI dalam BIT/sejenisnya selama 12 bulan terakhir.

Kalo yang di kasus-kasus belakangan, kayak kasus ali riziv sama churchill, penunjukan pengacara pemerintah gimana ceritanya tuh gan? Tunjuk langsung apa ada open tender kayak begini juga?

Menarik juga nih gan kita bahas mengenai ISDS. Soalnya di Indonesia yang bahas masih sedikit banget bahas ISDS, khususnya ICSID. Kalo pun ada, belum menyentuh cara penilaian tribunal berdasarkan case law. Ane sampe mesti download ebook gratisan di internet buat nulis skripsi wkwkwk

Kalo ada suhu yang pernah terlibat ISDS bagi cerita pengalamannya dong, kali aja bisa menginspirasi temen-temen warkum dan juga ane sendiri *ngarep*.
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Tawaran Jadi Pengacara Pemerintah India
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