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 Legal Process Outsourcing & other support services

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PostSubject: Legal Process Outsourcing & other support services   Mon Sep 20, 2010 5:06 am

bantuin temen ajah :p


About Us
Investindo, which is run through PT Jasa Emtiga Utama, was established by Meidini Hutagalung (Meidi), a licensed and practicing legal consultant to provide non-advising legal services to its clients. Investindo is not a law firm and does not provide the services of one.

Having significant lawyering background, we understand that there are aspects of legal works that can be performed by non-lawyers. Transferring those works to Investindo means saving to the company.

We also understand that, especially for foreign investors, it is not easy to find the right candidate to fill in the legal executives position in your company. Salary benchmarking is one. Getting to know the right candidate with matching expertise and matching salary expectations is another issue.

At Investindo, we focus to address these issues.

Legal Process Outsourcing

Legal Process Outsourcing, even though it has been quite a global phenomenon for a couple of years, is a new concept in Indonesia. When a transaction or a matter requires, Indonesia law firms assigns new associates to work on what could have been performed by non-lawyers professionals. Thus, creating unnecessary high billable hours to its clients.

At cost lower than similar services performed by LPO companies in India, we can help you in:

* contract management
* corporate electronic documents administration
* due diligence and compliance checking
* legal transcription and legal typing
* digitization and document conversion
* intellectual property.

Transaction Support

We can lend resources to assist you in your transaction including in preparing and maintaining:

* data room (documents and index, assisting client in responding request list)
* company compliance report
* corporate summaries (corporate documents, licenses, agreements, other material documents).

Establishment and Licensing
Establishing your business with Investindo is fast and easy.

Upon establishment, we can also provide you assistance in performing regulatory compliances or obtaining licenses, which includes the following:

Investment licenses and facilities
Representative office licenses
Indonesian Visa, Work Permit, Stay Permit
Importer Identification Number(API)
Special Importer Identification Number (NPIK)
Import without NPIK (Impor Tanpa NPIK)
Import Without API and NPIK (Impor Tanpa API dan NPIK)
Importer Producer (Importir Produsen)
Registered Importer (Importir Produsen (IP)
Import Approval (Persetujuan Impor)
Registered Exporter (Eksportir Terdaftar)
Export Approval (Persetujuan Ekspor)

Legal Executive Search
Is your business looking to find an in-house legal professional quickly?

Finding matching candidate to fill in positions in your legal department can be a daunting process. Spare yourself and let us handle the work!

The general rule most people believe is that associates from bigger firm should be better candidates. Many times, this rule does not apply as different lawyers in the same firm may have have different exposures and different salary rate.

The challenge is to find lawyers with matching expertise and salary expectation with your company's business and budget. We are able to meet this challenge because naturally we have wide network to professionals in this field.

Our method is by first listening your company's business, the candidate's role, and your expectation. We will then speak to the candidates and carefully asses if they are the right candidate to fill in the position.
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Legal Process Outsourcing & other support services
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