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 Frame up in 3 counts rape

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joann patricia
Legal Assistant
Legal Assistant
joann patricia

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PostSubject: Frame up in 3 counts rape   Wed Jun 20, 2018 6:40 am

The complainant file an 3 counts of rape againts with my live in partner...before the cmplainant sgn the affidavit of desistance , the bry captain call us that the cmplainant submit an affdvit of ddstance at the prosecutor in condition that we give money , ,in others we give there wants exchange of affdvit of ddstance. But prosctor proceed the case into the court although we have a affdvit of desistance . .until the judge issued warrant of arrest to my lve in partner .,my part ner voluntary surrender at police stn . .the cmplainant dd not appear during sessiòn of hearing.,,but my problem is the the cmplainant receive the 1st subpoena but for the 2nd issued of subpoena she refusè to sign? Do u think there possible that the case muzt be pròceed even they refuse to sign at subpuena?
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Frame up in 3 counts rape
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