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 Samsuck Akui Memplagiat Desain Apple dan Microsoft

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PostSubject: Samsuck Akui Memplagiat Desain Apple dan Microsoft   Sat Aug 04, 2012 6:25 am

CALIFORNIA - Samsung 'caught' by Apple after the discovery of evidence that the Korean firm has used a screenshot of Maps app on the iPhone in the promo materials for one product at that time.

As quoted from The Next Web, Thursday (10/20/2011), a woman named Laura Scott wrote in his blog in 2008, as well as drawing comparisons provide evidence that the Samsung uses a screenshot of Maps app on the iPhone in the promo material for Galaxy Player.

Blog post from Laura Scott is called by observers that Samsung has begun to 'take something' from Apple since three years ago.

Samsung recently announced that they will do anything to prevent Apple to sell iPhone and iPad in South Korea, but the request was rejected by the court. Apple also currently also trying to convince the court in the Netherlands to ban three Samsung phones by reason of patent infringement.

Something similar happened to Galaxy Tab made by Samsung in Australia, because Australian court granted Apple's request to ban sales of the Samsung tablet computers in the country for a while.

Related info : Samsung Intercept Review
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Samsuck Akui Memplagiat Desain Apple dan Microsoft
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