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 Apple is a marketing company. Samsuck copycat edition.

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PostSubject: Apple is a marketing company. Samsuck copycat edition.   Sat Aug 04, 2012 6:51 pm

Apple is a marketing company. Samsung copycat edition.

I always chuckle at the Apple haters who insist -- vociferously -- that Apple is a "marketing company" and that people buy Apple products because they are weak and are marketed to, nothing more.

This is not merely a lie. It is stupid.

And if you actually watch/view any Apple advertisement, the focus is on the product and its benefits -- to you.

On virtually any (open source!) (free!) Android product, by contrast, it's always focused on the 'coolness' and hipness and design and the fetishization of the device.

So much so that it's so patently obvious to all that only the Android fanboys with the most severe case of Apple Derangement Syndrome refuse to accept the truth.

Which is why I am not at all surprised that Samsung's head of marketing doesn't want us to think about Samsung products but instead, wants us to "feel" various, well, feelings about Samsung products.

This is not surprising. Samsung has attempted to wholesale copy Apple in device design, branding and distribution. They beliee, apparently, that there's a market for people that (secretly) want Apple but can't bring themselves to admit it.

And Samsung has been damn successful with this 'we are Apple but not really Apple' strategy, dominating the Android market.

Now, Samsung wants to copy what they *think* Apple's marketing strategy is: all about feelings...

As a user of Apple products, I can say my feelings toward my device are derived, first and foremost, by their clearly superior usability, build quality and functionality.

If Samsung wants repeat touchy-feely Android fanboy business, they better bring the quality as much as they bring the marketing.

From Samsung's head of marketing, whom, I confess I did not know this and am surprised to learn this, is a woman:

Samsung marketing executive Younghee Lee wants consumers to stop thinking about her company.

Instead, Lee wants consumers to start feeling something about Samsung and its products.

As head of marketing for the Korean electronics maker, Lee said she wants to figure out “how I can engage with consumers from the bottom of their heart, and not just be a big and functional and rational and reasonable brand.”

Lee, who worked for cosmetics brands L’Oreal and Lancome before joining Samsung four and a half years ago, said she wants consumers to love Samsung, to be obsessed with the company and its products.

Nowhere is that more clear than in the company’s current U.S. ad campaign, where the Korean company positions its products as the cooler alternative to the iPhone, despite the cultlike atmosphere that surrounds Apple.

Next time you hear a mindless Android fanboy/Apple hater talk about "marketing", just remind them that the biggest, baddest maker of ANdroid, is a copycat brand that relies heavily on marketing of the kind perfected by a make-up company.
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Apple is a marketing company. Samsuck copycat edition.
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