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 Pekerja Samsuck: Bekerja di Samsuck Seperti Setiap Hari Minum Racun

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PostSubject: Pekerja Samsuck: Bekerja di Samsuck Seperti Setiap Hari Minum Racun    Sat Oct 20, 2012 8:52 pm

Culture is very Un-American - a TOXIC environment

Financial Analyst (Former Employee), Richardson, TX – June 18, 2012

Pros: cafeteria on site, ok benefits

Cons: poor work-life balance, employees treated in a demeaning manner, little training or documentation of procedures.

Company does not hold American values - employees not treated with respect, Korean managment is 2 faced and is often screaming at and belittling employees in front of co-workers. Noisy work environment. Little training and long hours, without true recognition for your efforts. Job description was misleading and it is very difficult to move to a different  area, so you are stuck. Chances for advancement are slim unless you are Korean or kiss up to management which means losing all dignity. – less

Luis – October 2, 2012

Working at Samsung day after day was like taking poison.....I have never worked in a place where I felt so bad about myself......hateful people to work for........like swimming in poison waters.......
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Pekerja Samsuck: Bekerja di Samsuck Seperti Setiap Hari Minum Racun
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